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Estonian Government-Backed Aufort has joined the Fintech Association of Kenya.

Aufort, a European fintech venture, has entered the Kenyan market with its unique platform for buying, selling, and storing physical gold digitally. Joining FINTAK, Aufort aims to revolutionize gold trading in Kenya through blockchain technology and strategic partnerships. Learn more about their innovative solution and its potential impact on the finance sector.

Smartphone Innovations: 2024’s Big Five.

Smartphones continue to be our go-to gadgets, evolving with features like better cameras, foldable designs, and widespread 5G. In 2024, they’re stepping up with AI on your phone, the new […]

Wash Wash 2.0: Even Wakanda Needs Protection.

Let’s face it. Cyber scams are not a question of “if”, rather than “when”. I bet you’ve heard or come across ‘Silicon Savannah’ somewhere. That’s Kenya, a country flourishing with […]

Njuguna S. Ndung’u: The Silent Architect of Kenya’s Economic Landscape

Imagine 2007 Kenya: cash reigns supreme. Then, a “Eureka!” moment – mobile money using Safaricom’s vast network. But bureaucracy often says NO. Enter Njuguna Ndung’u, the Governor who said YES, paving the way for M-Pesa’s success and 84% financial inclusion today. Now Finance Minister, can he navigate Kenya’s economic challenges?

AFRICA must BRACE itself for a possible Trump RETURN.

As Donald Trump’s chances for a 2024 presidential comeback rise, Africa braces for potential consequences. This analysis unravels the concerns surrounding Trump’s past remarks about African nations and the potential impact on international relations, trade agreements, and global stability. Navigate the uncertainties that could accompany a second Trump presidency and prepare for the challenges that may reshape the geopolitical landscape.

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