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Our Objectives

The Association shall be the umbrella body for fintech in Kenya and shall have the following objects:

  1. To Promote, communicate and develop cooperation and dialogue between Fintech companies within Kenya;
  2. To speak with one voice for the Fintech sector and highlight the significant developments in the Fintech fields and provide pragmatic solutions;
  3. To advocate and represent the interests of its members at the policy level, in particular in relation to the National regulatory bodies;
  4. To lead Fintech companies in delivering comprehensive, innovative, and understandable financial services products for all Kenyans.
  5. To foster sound tech regulation that is beneficial for the overall Kenyan financial market making consumers see the advantages of technology for finance;
  6. To promote a safe and secure digital finance and deliver better financial services for all consumers.
  7. To build a truly digital single market for financial services with consistent consumer protection standards, future proof regulation, and healthy competition that works for Kenyans.
  8. To encourage proportionate regulation that will support financial innovation and facilitating seamless market access and kick start global growth of Kenyan fintech companies.
  9. To be an internationally recognized institution in matters of financial innovation.
  10. To nature and mentor startups in the fintech sector to realize their full potential.
  11. To affiliate or co-operate with or subscribe to any association, society, or corporation in any part of the world whose objects are in general respects similar to the objects of this Association.

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