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Lami: The Insurance Innovator Making Waves in Kenya.

Meet the game-changer in Africa’s insurance industry: Jihan Abass’s Lami. Revolutionizing the sector with digital innovation, Lami stands out by simplifying insurance processes, making comprehensive coverage accessible to millions across the continent.

Nasim Devji: DTB’s Powerhouse CEO.

From humble beginnings to shattering glass ceilings, Nasim Devji’s journey as the first female CEO of a Kenyan bank is one of resilience, ambition, and impact. Discover her rise to leadership and how she transformed Diamond Trust Bank into a regional powerhouse.

Njuguna S. Ndung’u: The Silent Architect of Kenya’s Economic Landscape

Imagine 2007 Kenya: cash reigns supreme. Then, a “Eureka!” moment – mobile money using Safaricom’s vast network. But bureaucracy often says NO. Enter Njuguna Ndung’u, the Governor who said YES, paving the way for M-Pesa’s success and 84% financial inclusion today. Now Finance Minister, can he navigate Kenya’s economic challenges?


Discover the inspiring life story of John Gachora, born in a Kenyan village, who rose to become the Group CEO of NCBA Group. From his early aspirations in electrical engineering to navigating Wall Street and leading Absa Bank’s expansion into Africa, Gachora’s journey exemplifies resilience, audacity, and a commitment to success.

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