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Estonian Government-Backed Aufort has joined the Fintech Association of Kenya.

Aufort, a pioneering fintech venture from Europe that recently entered the Kenyan market, has joined the Fintech Association of Kenya (FINTAK).
The company offers seamless buying, selling, sending, and receiving physical gold in digital form. It leverages blockchain and eCommerceโ€”a unique integration that sets Aufort apart as the first of its kind globally. Gold is securely stored by reputable global companies, and vaults are regularly audited by regulated firms for compliance and transparency.
Established in 2014, Aufort currently operates in 30 European countries. Kenya is their most recent addition to the growing list of countries in which it operates, and it will soon launch in the UAE, underscoring its commitment to global expansion and accessibility. The strategic presence across diverse regions aims to democratize access to innovative services, empowering individuals and businesses in gold-backed digital transactions.
Duncun Motanya, Chairperson of FINTAK, welcomed Aufort to the association as they seek to forge meaningful partnerships.
“The potential of its innovative platform to revolutionize the gold trade and utilize blockchain technology to enhance accessibility, affordability, and combat fraud is tremendous,” he said.
Aufort’s user-friendly solution caters to both novice and experienced investors, enabling swift digital transactions backed by real gold from trusted refineries like Argor-Heraeus, thus mitigating risks associated with fraud and inflation. Through Aufort, Kenyans will gain access to gold, the world’s most secure asset, conveniently through M-PESA, the most widely used payment method in Kenya.
CEO Bert-Ken Raudberg said the platform is protected, and each user will have a secure blockchain-based account protected by Google 2-Step Verification, accessible through a user-friendly interface for gold transactions.
FINTAK, as the umbrella body of fintechs in Kenya, is committed to entrenching the use of technology for innovative solutions in the finance sector. Through collaboration with FINTAK, Aufort aims to raise awareness about its groundbreaking platform and foster a conducive regulatory environment for its operations. The association also serves as a resource and forum for education, information sharing, and networking.

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