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A Cautionary Tale of IMF Loans: Economic Entrapment and Sustainable Growth.

Copyright: Johannes P. Christo

Kenya’s encounter with IMF loans in the 1990s serves as a stark reminder of the perils associated with external debt. This article unravels the story, shedding light on how the IMF’s conditionalities, such as the imposition of a value-added tax (VAT) on fuel, can lead to short-term fiscal boosts and long-term economic downturns. Examining the pitfalls of IMF-imposed SAPs, it urges developing nations to exercise caution and prioritize sustainable economic growth over quick fixes.

Black Tax Relief in Income Tax: A Necessary Step to Address Financial Hardship

The weight of black tax in Kenya affects individuals across economic backgrounds. From struggling families in rural areas to professionals who’ve served in international organizations, many face the challenge of supporting extended families. This article makes a compelling case for the Kenyan government to introduce income tax relief as a solution, discussing its potential to spur economic activity, reduce poverty, and enhance social cohesion.

Envisioning a Week Without M-Pesa.

A hypothetical week-long M-Pesa downtime could cause significant economic disruption and social inconvenience in Kenya, highlighting the critical role of M-Pesa in day-to-day transactions and the nation’s economy.

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