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Dive into the narrative of Shivani Siroya’s entrepreneurial journey, from her background in global health to the founding of Tala. Learn how Tala, under Siroya’s leadership, has revolutionized digital lending, disbursing billions to underserved populations. Siroya’s commitment to financial inclusion has transformed Tala into a global force, challenging traditional finance norms.

Kenya’s Fintech Future: Data-Driven Decisions Hold the Key

Dive into the world of big data and its transformative impact on Kenya’s fintech sector. Uncover the intricacies of volume, variety, velocity, veracity, and value—the key pieces of the big data puzzle. From enhancing patient care in healthcare to revolutionizing lending in finance, big data is reshaping industries. Explore its challenges, including privacy concerns, and envision a data-driven future for Kenya.

Ecobank Fintech Challenge 2023

Elevate your African fintech startup! Showcase your solution at Ecobank’s Challenge & gain access to funding, market expansion, & collaboration with Africa’s leading bank. Apply now & join the continent’s fintech revolution!

Digital Wallets Vs. Mobile Wallets.

Say goodbye to bulky wallets! Digital wallets & payment gateways offer secure, seamless transactions at your fingertips. P2P transfers, e-commerce payments, bills & tickets – manage it all with enhanced security & global reach.

The History and Definition of FinTech.

fintech kenya

From Citicorp’s pioneering consortium to mobile wallets and beyond, uncover the journey of “FinTech.” Discover its evolving definition: just tech, a booming industry, or a transformative wave in finance?

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