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How the Finance Bill 2023 Will Change How You Do Business in Kenya.

The Kenyan tax landscape is set for a major shift with the introduction of mandatory e-invoicing through the Finance Act 2023. This article delves into the implications of the new e-tims system for companies, individuals, and the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). It also highlights crucial aspects left unaddressed by the Act, potentially leading to confusion and compliance challenges.


Africa’s Fintech revolution is reshaping the continent’s financial landscape. Witness the impact of mobile money, from M-pesa’s success to a $3 trillion growth projection. Explore fintech hubs like Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa shaping the future of finance.

Envisioning a Week Without M-Pesa.

A hypothetical week-long M-Pesa downtime could cause significant economic disruption and social inconvenience in Kenya, highlighting the critical role of M-Pesa in day-to-day transactions and the nation’s economy.