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Impact of the EU-US Data Privacy Framework on African Countries

Delve into the impact of the EU-US Data Privacy Framework on Kenya, examining how Kenyan entities navigate data transfer complexities in the absence of an adequacy decision. Learn about aligning national laws with GDPR standards, enhancing compliance mechanisms, and fostering international cooperation. Discover the guidelines and crucial steps for Kenya to fortify its data protection practices and potentially facilitate seamless data exchange with the EU.

Kenya’s Fintech Future: Data-Driven Decisions Hold the Key

Dive into the world of big data and its transformative impact on Kenya’s fintech sector. Uncover the intricacies of volume, variety, velocity, veracity, and value—the key pieces of the big data puzzle. From enhancing patient care in healthcare to revolutionizing lending in finance, big data is reshaping industries. Explore its challenges, including privacy concerns, and envision a data-driven future for Kenya.

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