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Fanaka Hybrid is a monthly subscription online based ERP system, for SMEs in Kenya and East Africa developed by Michigua Agency.

Normal operations of businesses are very tiring and time consuming. From making inquiries, following up and converting the inquiries into business can be very time consuming. A lot of business juggles these processes manually, through opening word documents to create invoices, printing invoice books, quotations and receipt books. Consolidating all these paperwork into files and placing them in the appropriate filing cabinets is both time consuming and expensive in the long run. Imagine, being able to have a central point where all your operations are consolidated and interrelated into a single workflow. Furthermore you have access to all your business operations from any geographical location. In this way you can keep track of all your operations online. Furthermore, you have the ability to analyze trends in your business operations and from a single console one can see a summary of all their operations and business trends. All this is possible through FanakaHB ERP Solution.

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