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Hela.Money, a leading Web3 financial technology (fintech) company, is pleased to announce its acceptance into the highly prestigious AWS Africa Fintech Accelerator program. This partnership marks a significant milestone for Hela Money and reinforces its commitment to revolutionizing the financial landscape in Africa. The AWS Africa Fintech Accelerator, a first-of-its-kind initiative in the region, is […]

Envisioning a Week Without M-Pesa.

No Kenyan wants to entertain the thought of the unavailability of Mpesa for a week! Indeed no business too. Unplanned M-pesa downtimes in the past have created inconvenience, business losses, and the inability for many Kenyans to pay for essential bills, i.e., KPLC, and Purchase essential products, i.e., drugs. This is because most Kenyans rely […]

Digital Wallets Vs. Mobile Wallets.

Digital Wallets are secure electronic storage for payment information, accessible via web browsers and applications. They can be linked to diverse traditional payment methods, including debit, credit, and gift cards, etc. Users select their desired payment option and perform transactions with vendors who accept digital wallet payments. Essentially, digital wallets handle the underlying transactions, such as […]

Integration: Fintech Vs. Conventional Financial Institutions

The fintech industry has been experiencing rapid growth over the past few years. Traditional financial institutions have realized fintech start-ups’ potential in transforming the industry. However, integrating these start-ups into traditional institutions has proven to be a challenge. The most significant barriers to integration are the differences in Technology integration, Management, and culture between the […]

Prediction: Which region will take the lead in the FinTech Revolution?

In Africa, there are now more mobile money accounts than bank accounts in 16 African markets. FinTech solutions in developing countries are making existing services more convenient, creating new infrastructure, and increasing financial inclusion for millions of people in the real economy.

The History and Definition of FinTech.

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At its core, fintech is all about using technology to provide financial services in new and innovative ways. It can be considered as the underlying technology, an industry consisting of fintech companies, or a whole new way of providing financial services.