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The advent of Artificial Intelligence has resulted in disruption of everyday activities. The banking and financial industry undergoes metamorphosis courtesy of this technology. As a result, Banks and Fintech organizations […]


Dive into the narrative of Shivani Siroya’s entrepreneurial journey, from her background in global health to the founding of Tala. Learn how Tala, under Siroya’s leadership, has revolutionized digital lending, disbursing billions to underserved populations. Siroya’s commitment to financial inclusion has transformed Tala into a global force, challenging traditional finance norms.

Fingo Acquires 50,000 Waitlist of Customers in 24 Hours Following Launch of Digital-Only Bank

Discover Fingo, the Kenyan fintech startup founded in 2021, transforming financial services for African youth. Backed by Y Combinator and securing $4 million in seed funding, Fingo partners with Ecobank for a pan-African rollout, starting as Kenya’s first digital-only bank. Offering quick, digital banking solutions tailored for youth, Fingo is poised for significant growth.

Kenya can learn digital lending lessons from the developed world

Kenya’s digital lending boom empowers Kenyans with instant access to credit, but challenges like consumer protection and healthy competition emerge. Explore lessons from developed markets like the UK and US to regulate for responsible growth and financial inclusion.

Outlook for digital lending safer with ethical measures

digital lending

Kenya’s digital lending industry isn’t all bad apples. Responsible players like DLAK are driving self-regulation and ethical practices, offering competitive rates and customer-centric solutions. Discover the initiatives shaping a brighter future for Kenya’s financial landscape.

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