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Kenya’s Financial Inclusion Mirage: Beyond the Hype of Mobile Money.

While Kenya’s mobile money revolution has granted access to financial services for over 75% of its population, a closer look reveals a gap between access and impact. The focus on digitizing money delivery, not the products themselves, results in a hollow form of inclusion. True financial inclusion goes beyond access; it entails active utilization of diverse financial tools. This article delves into the need for a collaborative effort to nurture genuine financial inclusion in Kenya, addressing the ‘digital divide’ and empowering individuals to build a better future.

Transforming the Loan App Victims Kenya Group: From Victims to Responsible Borrowers

Delve into the paradox of the ‘Loan App Victims Kenya’ Facebook group, where individuals grappling with debt have the potential to drive positive change. This essay uncovers the root causes of financial struggles, emphasizing the need to transition from victimhood to responsible borrowing. Explore a multi-faceted approach involving financial literacy workshops, peer support, and collaboration with lending platforms. Witness the group’s transformation into advocates for financial empowerment, fostering a community committed to responsible financial decisions and positive change.

Data Analytics in Africa: AI, ML, Cloud, and the Growing Need for Data Experts.

Dive into the realm of data analytics trends shaping Kenyan businesses. From the pivotal role of AI and machine learning to the strategic adoption of cloud technology, discover how these trends influence decision-making, customer segmentation, fraud detection, and predictive maintenance. Unearth the significance of the data mesh design pattern for improved data governance and compliance. Recognize the growing demand for data experts in Africa and explore companies offering data analytics services. For businesses in Kenya, actionable tips await on setting goals, choosing the right tools, and investing in employee training to kickstart a successful data analytics journey.

Understanding Blockchain vs. Cryptocurrencies and Hiring the Right Developer.

Clear the confusion surrounding blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Kenya. Understand the fundamental differences and explore the extensive applications of blockchain beyond digital currencies. Delve into the essential considerations when hiring blockchain developers for your Kenyan business. Learn about the transformative potential of blockchain technology across finance, supply chain, healthcare, and retail. Equip yourself with practical tips for finding and engaging skilled blockchain developers on platforms like LinkedIn, Clutch, Stack Overflow, and Upwork.

Kenya’s Fintech Future: Data-Driven Decisions Hold the Key

Dive into the world of big data and its transformative impact on Kenya’s fintech sector. Uncover the intricacies of volume, variety, velocity, veracity, and value—the key pieces of the big data puzzle. From enhancing patient care in healthcare to revolutionizing lending in finance, big data is reshaping industries. Explore its challenges, including privacy concerns, and envision a data-driven future for Kenya.

Flutterwave Gets International Remittance License in Malawi, to Power Remittances and Boost Economic Growth.

Flutterwave, Africa’s foremost payments technology company, expands its reach into Malawi with the acquisition of an IMTO license. This milestone not only empowers millions of Africans abroad but also contributes to economic growth, exchange rate stability, and infrastructure development in Malawi. Explore the benefits and commitment behind Flutterwave’s cross-border remittance solution, Send App, as it opens new possibilities for residents in Malawi.


Dive into the dynamic world of banking technology with our comprehensive guide on choosing the right Core Banking Platform. From technological considerations like API integration and microservice architecture to functional aspects such as integrated services and notification systems, and critical contractual considerations for smooth migration, this guide covers it all. Make informed decisions to ensure your institution’s success in the ever-expanding fintech landscape.

Smart Investing in Fintech: A Guide for Kenyan Investors

Kenyan fintech companies, including industry trailblazers like Safaricom, are reshaping the financial landscape. M-Pesa’s innovative solutions, such as Fuliza overdraft, have transformed access to financial services. For Kenyan investors, this presents a golden opportunity, but navigating risks is crucial for maximizing returns.

A Newbie entrepreneur’s guide to crafting a compelling pitch for potential investors.

Discover the keys to startup success as Vusi Thembekwayo shares his insights on investor pitching. From avoiding easy-to-replicate business models to embracing commitment and seizing opportunities, learn the principles that drive successful startups. Navigate the art of crafting a compelling pitch deck and stay resilient in the competitive startup landscape.

What is Blockchain?

Unhackable, transparent, and distributed – blockchain is not just for cryptocurrency anymore. Discover how this game-changing technology is building trust and efficiency across healthcare, supply chains, voting systems, and more.

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