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Consumer Education

Wash Wash 2.0: Even Wakanda Needs Protection.

Let’s face it. Cyber scams are not a question of “if”, rather than “when”. I bet you’ve heard or come across ‘Silicon Savannah’ somewhere. That’s Kenya, a country flourishing with

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CEO Profile

Lami: The Insurance Innovator Making Waves in Kenya.

Meet the game-changer in Africa’s insurance industry: Jihan Abass’s Lami. Revolutionizing the sector with digital innovation, Lami stands out by simplifying insurance processes, making comprehensive coverage accessible to millions across the continent.

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FinTech Revolution

Africa’s 6G Dilemma: Will Tech Innovation Lift the Continent, or Leave It Behind?

Africa struggles with poverty, conflict, and crippling debt. Yet, one resource shines bright – its young, talented population. But there’s a catch: will they have the tools to compete in the new digital world? 6G technology is coming, and it could change everything. It could also leave Africa further behind the wealthy nations already racing to implement it.

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